Here to fix all your (boat) problems.

Remember!  Two Rivers Marina is a certified Mercury shop!!!!  Call to reserve a spot for any repairs or maintenance needed! 

Two Rivers Marina offers a full line of services. Our Marine Technician offers a variety of skills with 31 years of experience under his belt!

Two Rivers Marina now has STATS, Sierra Touch and Test System.  STATS is the perfect solution for performing diagnostics on your marine engine.

The features of STATS include: ECU (engine control unit) identification, read fault codes, clear fault codes, display live data, perform engine systems test, stationary tests, service info, and the number of hours the engine has run. We have the cables to hook up to Mercury/Mercruiser/MEFI, BRP, and Yamaha. Bring your boat and motor to us, and let us give you the STATS!

We can take care of your normal maintenance to custom work and everything in between that you need! Let us know what your needs are……engine replacement, add a bilge pump, impeller replacement, oil changes, and so much more! We do winterizations with the de-winterization the next spring included in the price.

Have a shaft bent? We can fix it! We can reorder them, or our Marine Tech can build it on his lathe. We are a one-stop service facility. Our travel lift will lift a boat up to 20 tons, with a beam of 15’ and a height restriction of 19’.

We do boat bottom painting. When you have a boat bottom painted at our facility, you will be getting your monies worth! We pull the boat, then pressure wash the bottom. Next, we sand the entire bottom of the boat while inspecting and repairing any blisters that may be found. Sorry, but blister repair is not included in the bottom paint price and is billed at time and material, as well as any other repairs that are found to be needed at this time. If we see any other damage, we will make the repairs at this time also, upon approval. If there is any visible damage to the props, struts, or rudders, we will tend to these repairs as well. Once we have finished the sanding, and blister repairs if needed, the bottom is rewashed and prepared for antifouling paint to be applied. We will now apply two coats of antifouling paint to the bottom, but three coats to the keel. Once this is completed, the waterline on the boat is cleaned up.