3/18/2023- TRBC Meeting Recap

March 18, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Fleet Captain, Lindy Wood served corned beef & cabbage, chili, brownies, and Bloody Mary’s before the meeting.

March meeting was called to order by Commodore Danny Wood at 11:04am with 16 members present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Tabby Conrow read the Treasurers report on behalf of Marcia Burnett. Terry Powell motioned to accept the report and Rob Gates seconded the motion. All approved.

Tabby read the minutes from the October 2022 meeting. Motion was made by Jimmy Pitzer to accept the minutes with no corrections. Brenda Pitzer seconded the motion. All approved.

No correspondences this month.

No members sick or recent deaths.

Laurell Hamilton announced the welcoming of new residents and new boat club members (joined in 2022) in attendance today, Doug and Guyla Schnitker.

Old Business:

1) Extending the shelter house roof: there is still some of the roof to finish up. Shad Wendell told Dave Barron that he and Bryson will finish it up when the weather gets warmer. Laurell asked what is to be done with the metal frame that came off the shelter house concrete. Dave suggested that we cut it up and sell it for scrap. Jimmy made the motion to cut it up and sell it for scrap. Lance Hustedde seconded the motion. All approved.

2) Danny and Lindy revitalizing and rehung the shelter house signs after the shelter house extension was complete. Danny added the established date of 04/22/93 to one of the signs. Wow 30 years this April!!!

New Business:

1) Dave asked about finishing the shelter house in all tin to match the extension, he estimated it to be around $800 based on what was ordered last time. Ritchie Minor made the motion for Dave to get with Shad on the materials and get that done. Rob Gates seconded the motion. All approved.

2) 2023 Membership fee is due at this time, it is still $25.00 per household. Please pay as soon as possible and let Tabby Conrow know if any of your contact information has changed. You can give your membership dues to any officer or mail them to Tabby Conrow, 406 N. Science St., Bowling Green, MO 63334, if you cannot attend a meeting.

3) Nomination/Election of 2023 Officers: there was much discussion about this topic. None of the 2022 officers would like to remain an officer for 2023.

· We would like to see some new blood step up and take on these roles.

· Do members know what each of the officer roles do so that people know what they are volunteering for? Do we have By Laws that state this? Lance Hustedde made the motion for Danny to look to see if we have By Laws. If we do, bring them to the next meeting. If we do not, then form a committee to come up with our motto and By Laws and get them written down. Jimmy seconded the motion. All approved.

· We don’t have a membership problem (96 members in 2022), but we don’t have good attendance at meetings and the same people seem to always come up with the ideas and work the events. There is a core group that are more than willing to help just don’t want to come up with all the ideas, organize and lead it all the time.

· We would like input on what needs to change to encourage more participation either from our existing members or new members.

· What do we want the boat club membership to be?

· What is the benefit of being a member? Use of pavilion and invite to events and to Christmas party at reduced cost (we lose too much money during events to make this no cost). Gets you inside Quincy, Clarksville and Louisiana Boat Clubs. Some members get key cards to access the marina after hours, but they still have to go through the marina for that and there are fees involved. We don’t want $25 boat club members having the same benefits of paid residents or residents not feeling like the marina is secure.

· Do we need to change and be more like Clarksville Boat Club where new members have to be sponsored and have to work so many events per year to maintain membership? That may not draw more members but definitely helps with event participation.

· Do we need to have a public event like Clarksville’s fish fry to solicit new members? Selling food to the public in Illinois requires Dram Insurance and Health Department inspection and approval. Laurell is actually working on this for an event that the marina is planning.

· Tabby motioned to postpone the election of new officers to the next meeting in hopes that more will attend and volunteer, and we will have more information about the duties of each officer at the meeting. Terry Powell seconded the motion. All approved.

4) Laurell shared some Two Rivers Marina news:

· She is planning Mouse Races for May 13. This will be a fundraiser to offset the marina costs for the 4th of July and Labor Day weekends. This year since the Louisiana fireworks is on Tuesday, the marina would like to have funds for their own fireworks. It will be at the pavilion, may have entertainment, Survivor theme with challenges and tribal council. Every resident automatically gets an entry into the annual Labor Day drawings; and if you invite friends to this event, you get more entries for the Labor Day drawings.

· Cindy Blaylock passed her test to be a US Coastguard Auxiliary member but is looking for 5 boats to inspect to send in with her membership. Several club members volunteered to let her inspect their boats.

· Rob Gates also mentioned that there is a new Illinois DNR Conservation Officer in the area that is making it known that he will be out on the river this year, so be aware! Laurell added that the marina will be sending mass text messages out to residents this year when River Patrol has been sited just to give everyone a heads up.

Dave motioned to adjourn the meeting at 12:04pm and Danny seconded the motion. All approved.

Next meeting will be April 15th, 11:00am at the Shelter House (Shipwreck backup location) – please have your 2023 officer nominations in mind for voting during this meeting and bring your membership dues.

There was no 50/50 drawing.


Tabby Conrow