April Newsletter


APRIL Edition

Dock News

The real sign of spring is the water being turned on to the docks!!!!  It’s on and ready for everyone to visit and get back to boating! MOST contracts have been renewed with a few stragglers and SEVERAL NEW folks to the family!  Be sure to introduce yourself and take part in all the festivities offered here at Two Rivers Marina! 

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary 

Our Marina Staff is working diligently on paperwork and certifications to do Certified Safety Inspections.  We are also excited to announce that we’ll be designated as a Certified Search and Rescue Facility, our Staff will be certified “Search and Rescue” and our Fleet will be certified vessels.  We consider this a huge honor and quite an additional to our resume and offerings to our community.  If you’d like information on becoming an Auxiliary Member, contact Cindy at the marina OR visit the local Flotilla page at http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=085-08-03&category=external.

Join the Fun

April 15th will be our OPENING WEEKEND FOR THE 2023 SEASON!! Don’t throw away those single socks from the dryer!  Bring those for the official burning of the socks ceremony!  NOTE: This will also be the Boat Club Anniversary Event.  See flier below.

May 13th: Mouse Races

May 26-29th Memorial Day Weekend

June 10 Dock Hop

July 1-4 Independence Day celebration weekend; Dice Run on the 2nd, Fireworks and parade on the 4th.

July 15-17 Johns Boat Harbor Visit (Retro Joe has been booked to play live!)

August 6. Sandbar Party

August 26-28th Halfback weekend and Poker Run

September 2-5 Labor Day Weekend

September 9. Antique and Classic Boat Show


We will be open 9am-4pm daily and 9-12 Saturday until we have a few more good days of weather.  Sunday by appointment of course! 

Remember!  Two Rivers Marina is a certified Mercury shop!!!!  Call to reserve a spot for any repairs or maintenance needed! 


We have a limited supply right now until some tank repairs are being made.  We appreciate your patience as we work through this issue. There were some previously undisclosed issues we’ve had to address and we are waiting on a part to finish up the job!!  We are also working to find the best contract of course to keep those fuel prices down!!  

New Inventory arriving daily! 

Lots of new apparel on the racks!  Come see!  New gifts and decor, new consignments and items in the snack departments too!

BEER AND ICE ARE STOCKED!! We also are selling ‘cooler ice’ (probably not suitable for your cocktail but certainly will keep your beer cold)

Riverstone Creatures are so dang cute!!! 

Visit our NEW WEBSITE!!!  (Still under construction but we are getting there!)

THANKS TO OUR FRIEND Tracy Brookshier we have developed a new and improved website!  Please take a look!!  Visit www.tworiversmarina.net.   USE the website as your go to resource for events, specials, contact information and more! 

Two Rivers Boat Club

We included TRBC information and invitations to join with the contracts this year and are excited to see several new members!!!!  Our Boat Club is a good group of folks…the more the merrier. March 18th will be the first meeting of the new year.  It will be at the pavilion unless weather dictates otherwise.  We’ll use the upstairs (shipwrecked) venue otherwise! 

Two Rivers Marina

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