Trash Bag Fundraiser

By popular demand, we are bringing back “Deal or No Deal” for 1 Evening on Labor Day Weekend! The Trash Bag Fundraiser and Mouse races are to aid in making the 4th of July Fireworks and “Deal or No Deal” successful events. As before, Participation is key!! We did really well on the last Trash Bag Fundraiser.

Let’s make the Trash Bag Fundraiser a little more interesting!!!!

  • Each individual or team that sells will receive 1 Entry for Deal or No Deal for selling trash bags.
  • For every 10 rolls sold, that individual or team will get  1 additional Entry for Deal or No Deal. So 20 rolls will get 2 additional entries, 30 rolls will get 3 additional entries, ect…
  • The top 2 selling individual or team will receive 1 more additional Entry for Deal or No Deal.
  • Top seller will receive $50.00
  • 2nd top seller will receive $25.00.

Make sure to print off the order forms or pick up from the Marina Ship Store. The sale has started and will end of May 20th. Please turn in your money and order forms at the TRBC Boat Club meeting at 11am or at the Marina Ship Store on May 20th.

Laurell Hamilton, Two Rivers Marina

217-437-2321 Office / 573-754-0187 Cell phone